Here are some points of interest from the club archives:-

1874           RMYC was established. Yachts were sailed on the sea off Ryde.

1882           The Canoe Lake, where we still sail today, was constructed.

1914           Activities ceased during the First World War.

1933           The Club was re-formed and sailing resumed.

1934           Some of the first Marblehead class yachts to be built in the UK appeared on the lake at Ryde. The club became affiliated to the Model Yachting Association.

1935           Ryde Council built the boathouse for the club beside the lake.  The cost to the Council was £140.

1938           The MYA adopted the Marblehead as an official racing class, largely due to the efforts of Arthur Kerridge, our secretary. In recognition of this, RMYC was awarded the use of the first twenty registration numbers. Number 1 was Gentle Ladye, built by a Bembridge boat builder for Arthur Kerridge. The first National Marblehead Championship was sailed at Ryde, and was won by Ted Scovell, an RMYC member.

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1939/45     Very little activity due to the Second World War. The boathouse was taken over by the Auxiliary Fire Service for use as a fire pump store.

1945           Roy Clough of Marblehead, Massachusetts, originator of the Marblehead class, donated a subscription for “The Model Yachting Monthly” to the club.

1947           Marblehead class registration numbers reached 150.

1948/65     There was steady activity at the Canoe Lake with vane steered Marbleheads and some 10 Raters.

1965/68     The club was nearly wound up due to dwindling membership.

1969           There was a revival of interest and activity with a fleet of more modern Marbleheads, but these were still vane steered.

1972           Marblehead No.15 reappears on the lake with radio control.

1974           The club celebrated its centenary.

1976           The first racing in the club for radio controlled Marbleheads was organised.

1977/80    Radio control racing gained ground, offsetting the lagging interest in vane steering, which was discontinued for official racing by RMYC in 1980.

1980 to date.    The club continues to thrive, and has a first class turn-out of keen skippers with a selection of quality Marbleheads. Points racing takes place throughout the year.