Lake Draining and Maintenance

Well, what a load of mud!!! I see work has started but from the level of
the water, the wet weather conditions and the capacity of the pump, I reckon
they’ll have it emptied by about August. (CJ Brooks) (9/05/2013)

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It looks like they’re still trying and still failing to empty the lake. Pump outlet has been set up again but was not operating today and level looks about the same as last Sunday. I will,
therefore, be down on Sunday with my A and my marblehead with the shortest keel, if anyone’s interested in joining me. Cheers Cj. (16/05/2013)


A couple of pictures taken down at the lake on Saturday afternoon. Note the corn that’s just been put down. Regards Ivor (18/05/2013)

I went down yesterday but didn’t stay as no-one else was there. I did notice, however, that the workmen were still active and that the pump has gone. I conclude from this that :-

1. They have given up trying to get any more water out.

2. They think they can finish the work without any further reduction.

3. They dont intend to replace the water to its former level.

I dont know how long it will take to fill naturally but we may have to endure low levels for a while. It is possible to sail but the longer fins will still bottom out in places at the moment and obviously any obstructions will be more of a hazard. Cheers Cj. (24/05/2013)


This is, to say the least, very disappointing – especially after the more upbeat information Mike was given last week, which I told you about in my email on 18th May. As Cj said in his email above, the reason the pump is no longer there might be that the decision makers are hoping the lake will be filled up automatically by rainwater. That would probably have been a possibility a few weeks ago, but is far less likely to happen as we move into June. On the other hand, the contractors might have returned the pump to save hire charges, and they might be intending to hire one with more capacity when the time comes (hopefully soon).

What we need is information – preferably of a more realistic kind. Rest assured it will be passed on to you all as soon as we get it.


Hi again everyone

My informers, Alan and Cj, have given me the good news that the maintenance work is finished, and the fencing has been removed from the footpath. To date no water has been pumped back into the lake, and it appears that the Council might be relying on the level being raised by rainwater – today is a good start, and there will be some more on Thursday, but it won’t amount to very much. Another possibility is that the outfall has been sorted out, and can be used to let water in when the tidal level on the sands permits, but we must wait and see.

Cj has informed me that four Marbleheads were testing the water on Sunday, and sailed about 15 races in beautiful conditions. In Cj’s words “Philip and Tony, with their longer fins, did touch bottom a couple of times but [it was] no more frustrating than picking up a bag briefly on the keel”. Hopefully there will be more water to sail on by the weekend.

I firmly believe we shall be doing the right thing if we resume racing on Sunday, with the proviso that the points will not count for the Second Points Series if some boats are at a disadvantage due to insufficient depth of water. (P. Danby 28/05/2013)


Cheering crowds at Ryde Canoe Lake welcome the resumption of sailing.