Weed Control

Due to the recent high rainfall and subsequent precautionary pumping out of the lake by the council has left the water level low and unusually clear. The concern is that the weed that once plagued the lake may returnĀ and we shall probably need to find a suitable means of preventing weed growth caused by the water becoming clearer and less saline.
When you think about it, we have been protected against invasive weed growth by the rather foul nature of the water, and I am attaching three papers on the subject of weed control in PDF format for you to read. Probably the most cost effective method of controlling weed growth for the fairly low volume of the Canoe Lake would be to reduce the amount of sunlight penetrating the water by using a non-toxic dye, which is available in blue to give a more Mediterranean-like appearance!

The commodore has provided 3 interesting documents on managing and dealing with such a situation which make for interesting reading.