RMYC Rescue Boat

131201-04591-2 In an attempt to pass on some good news for a change, I am pleased to tell those who don’t already know that we have been able to replace our aged and rather unsuitable dinghy with a vastly better one. The small group that was appointed at the AGM last week lost no time in looking for something suitable, and located several that would be good for the job. Then we were lucky enough to hear through our honorary member Eric C that East Cowes Sailing Club had one which had become redundant because they now have a walk-on stage for their rescue boat. It was a no brainer to nip over to look at it when we saw the state of the lake last Sunday morning, and we all felt it was ideal for our purpose, so it now resides in our clubhouse – thanks to Eric H and his mighty vehicle.

131201-04593-2Alan Hankins tries it out.