Lake Draining and Maintenance 2014

In ideal conditions for the job, the first ever weed treatment using non-toxic dye was carried out at the Canoe Lake today.

Volunteers Cj and Tony did an excellent job in the dinghy, spreading the Dyofix around the lake. Not content with that, when they had finished that job, they decided to take the opportunity to clear rubbish from the water – this task involved some really heavy lifting as they grappled with parking cones, large plastic bags, and great dollops of weed. They deserve generous thanks from all of us.

Having started the exercise, we now need to wait for a week or so before we take any more action, which will involve making a decision regarding how much more of the liquid dye that we have should be applied. These pictures will give you an idea if what was involved today:–

maintain1 maintain2 maintain3


The other news you will be anxious to hear is how much has the recent rainfall topped up the lake. Water level expert Alan was there today sailing his A Class boat, and he judged that four more inches of water level are required before there will be enough to race Marbleheads. It perhaps doesn’t sound like a lot, but we shall need to hope for some fairly heavy rain to do the trick. The Swan pedalo operators, having already missed the Whitsun trade, are hoping like we are that there will soon be an improvement – when they come back we shall of course need to use the eastern part of the lake, but fortunately the water is deeper there. We shall need to do some careful testing with Marbleheads, to make sure we get racing again as soon as possible.