Match Racing Cup

Match Race Challenge Cup  2010.                                                       

 The Match Race Challenge Trophy has been raced for since 2005. The competition is open to all skippers/members of the club. At the beginning of a year the Holder from the previous year continues as Holder. The other skippers have their names written on pegs which are taken at random from a hat and are placed in order on a board. This sets the order in which they are allowed to challenge the Holder.

The match races are sailed during the nomal schedule of club meetings. Only one challenge may be sailed during fleet racing on any one morning. The match is scheduled to take place in a gap in the fleet racing after 1030hrs. Both Challenger and Holder must take part in the fleet races that morning. If the Holder is not present at a meeting then the next two eligible challengers compete. The one highest up the list acts as Holder for the start of the match. 

Match racing rules [RRS Appendix C], with the club’s amendments for Radio-controlled model yachts, apply.The Holder sets the course and chooses which side of the course he/she will have in the preparatory period.

All matches must be umpired. One race official, a non-participating skipper, acts as observer/referee/judge and jury! The decision of the umpire is final.  In the absece of the automatic timer another skipper, other than the umpire, acts as count down caller/starter so that the umpire can concentrate on the manoeuvring of the boats.

The winning skipper of a match becomes, or continues as, the Holder or, if the Holder was not in the match the winner becomes the top challenger. The loser goes to the bottom of the challengers list. Wins through the year are recorded.

The Trophy year runs from AGM to AGM and the person who has won the most matches in that period is awarded the trophy for that year. In the event of a tie in the week before the AGM then a match or matches between the tied skippers is/are sailed at the last scheduled meeting before the AGM.