2019 Results

Overall Standings of the Frostbite series 2019

S Curtis6
N. Crutcher7
C Hanman8
P. Jackson17
E. Heydon20
A Day20
Cj Brooks23
R Rich24
A. Hanman27
J Bennet31
M. Marchant31
T. Murray32
K. Way32
A Chilver33
L Rowcroft39
INFO - Table is calculated with 2 discards for series applied after 8 races.
(D) - discard
(c) - result calculated by countback

Weekly Racing Results of the Frostbite series 2019

K. Way11129
A Day866
T. Murray11912
S. Curtis141
P. Jackson575
N. Crutcher412
Cj. Brooks6134
E. Heydon758
M. Marchant111010 (c)
A. Hanman11214
L Rowcroft111414
J Bennet31414
C. Hanman233
R Rich987 (c)
A Chilver111111
INFO - Items marked with a (D) is a discard. 2 discards applied after 8 races.
INFO - Items marked with a (C) is position decided by countback.
INFO - Items marked with a (=) is a dead heat.

New Years Day Race - 1st January 2019

Neil Crutcher10 pts
Corinna Hanman10¼
John Bennet18¾
Cj Brooks21¾
Peter Jackson29
Eric Heydon36