Lake Maintenance

After a year of frustration caused by hidden underwater objects within the Lake often causing vessels to stop or become snagged during racing it was decided that the only way to tackle often very heavy objects was for someone to go into the Lake. Ben offered to donate a pair of waders and took the plunge supported by members to search for the first of many potential objects often contacted in the water. After entering the water, boat hook in hand we struck lucky and found the first object often struck when boats raced for the finish line. This was a submerged traffic cone covered in thick mud and silt. He then moved on down the lake to another hot spot marked for potential objects. Moving backward and forwards directed by members he prodded and felt for objects with his feet.

What was found was amazing included another traffic cone, a huge cross section log and a 6ft steel pole. No further objects were found and the first venture into the lake completed. We continue to mark potential objects with chalk on the side of the lake, confident now that we can actually take positive action against objects that effect our sailing enjoyment.